This Could be the Place 2.0 May 30-June 4, 2016

In 2014, This Could Be The Place addressed precarity. This time out we are using borders as a framing principle to explore aspects of culture, identity, gender, migration, and indigeneity. Border is a curious word that is alternately used to describe a geo-political demarcation or a decorative element. It is a permeable space where people and ideas intersect or are kept apart. Things happen at borders: crossings, connections, separations, reunions, transgressions. Lines are drawn. Borders blur in the wake of our increasingly globalized culture. At the moment, we are experiencing an unprecedented movement of goods and people underlined by the ongoing refugee crisis. This Could Be The Place invites artists to respond to the complexity of borders using a vintage Airstream trailer as a staging area. The artists will present relevant, topical projects over the course of five days, followed by a closing symposium.

Ivan Jurakic & Bojana Videkanic, co-curators

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